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Myspace Admitted to Rehab, but is there a Darker Underlying Prognosis?

30 Jul

With MySpace having announced that they are to embark on a brand re-launch and site design overhaul, questions still remain as to how effective this will be at stemming the tide of users  abandoning ship in favour more popular social networks, such as Facebook.

More to the point, the case could be presented that (until now) MySpace’s unwavering reliance on a content (music) hosting proposition, vs that of a content sharing proposition – adopted by Facebook – has already left them out at sea – and out of the hands of users, literally.

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Urban Interventions that make you think

18 Jul

Urban Interventions – Personal Projects in Public Spaces

( March 2010; Gestalten)

Art book publishing house Gestalten have released a fantastic book that covers a swath of playful and thought-provoking installations in urban environments that use and react to all elements of the modern city.

It’s 285 pages of inspiration for any one with a bright idea for how to bring a smile, or a little wonder, to an unsuspecting street near you.


Who really won the World Cup?

15 Jul

Who really won the World Cup?

After 64 matches and an estimated global following of 2.6 billion people, Spain lifted the iconic trophy for the first time on Sunday. However, behind the scenes of this incredible World Cup a far bigger battle has been raging between two fierce rivals – Adidas vs Nike. Both brands have been slugging it out to try and win the World Cup in their own way by using very different tactics, but the question is, which brand really won?

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Is guerrilla marketing dead?

11 Jul

One of the biggest talking points of the recent World Cup – aside from the controversial Adidas Jabulani ball and the constant hum of the Vuvuzela – was the ‘invasion’ of 30+ stunning blondes at the Holland vs. Denmark match.

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