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Foursquare Web Data… London’s most popular venue analysis

24 Aug

Another analysis tool has appeared to depict London’s most happening and hip venues… what could these bars, clubs, restaurants, shops, arts venues and parks do to capitalise on their current popularity? Throw an event to thank Four Square users, invite others to join the crowd or will users seek to discover new places and expand the Four Square reach? I guess only time, and a lot more analysis, will tell…



Our Top 5 Experiential Videos of the year – so far!

17 Aug

Helping the world to smile!

Proving we’re all kids at heart

Finally Email becomes personal

Reaching the parts other experiential campaigns will not reach

Orcon, Iggy, Skype + 9 Musicians

We love experiential!

what are your favourite campaigns?

Cutting Edge Crystal

16 Aug

Swarovski’s Crystal Palace Collections are a program of creative collaborations with some of the world’s finest designers. The fruits of these collaborations are some of the most jaw-dropping and technically innovative examples of avant-garde lighting you are likely to see.

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Online is DEAD!

11 Aug

I once consulted at the world’s leading digital copywriting agency, where the Editorial Director, informed me, after I’d sent him an email containing 12 exclamation marks, that his team were told whilst at the agency if they only used one exclamation mark in their whole tenure then that may still be one too many.

Well Dan, now is the time to use mine.

Online is dead! (so is offline for that matter)

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BBC 6Music – A triumph for grass roots activism? Or groundbreaking cynical social media campaign?

11 Aug

As everyone will be aware, the BBC Trust has now saved 6Music from the threat of closure. This was the result of a wildfire social media campaign sparked from within the social media leaders and gatekeepers –  the very people who worked for – or with – 6Music interestingly enough.

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Breaking The Social Barrier

5 Aug

With social media fast becoming the ‘norm’ with people tweeting, connecting on LinkedIn and catching up on the ever expanding Facebook I had to ask, ‘what is the understanding of the use of language and social media etiquette across these growing mediums?

Companies who communicate directly to their customers through these channels are talking a language created and used in a solely online world. Try taking that language offline… the results could be astonishing.

The Old Spice campaign has generated millions of You Tube views and in the past month sales of Old Spice Bodywash products are up 107% . It goes to show, talking a language your customers understand encourages interaction and inevitably an increase in sales for your company. The only question now is, what barriers can companies break next, and how are they going to do it?