Is the ASA going to try and tame the digital beast?

3 Sep

Interesting to see that from March 2011 the ASA will have regulatory powers (similar to those it has for traditional advertising) over brand controlled online activity. Its powers will cover brand controlled website content, banners, Twitter and Facebook pages.  As a result of these powers UK consumers will be able to complain to the ASA about content issued by brands into any of these mediums

Whilst I’m all for ensuring that true and fair communications are made to consumers in these media can the ASA really police and environment that is exploding at the pace of the digital one? And what about user generated recommendations on a brand’s web site? If I don’t agree with a positive or negative review hosted by a brand can I complain to the ASA in the future?? I think the ASA will be needing a much bigger email server to handle the new volume of complaints….look out!

Full details available on the ASA’s web site:



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