I don’t tweet for less than $1000, darling

2 Oct

Over the past two days there have been two incidents which really illustrate the PHENOMENAL potential Twitter has for brands and promotion.

2 simple Tweets by sensational teen mediocrity Justin Bieber yesterday afternoon caused the topic of  ‘Maple Syrup’ to top the global trend list. And a tongue-in-cheek in-joke between two friends about a badly judged, insensitive rant by an obnoxious BBC  ‘personalitywent viral and ended up on the news. Does this scare as much as inspire you? According to various reports 3% of Twitters servers are dedicated to Justin Bieber. This clearly doesn’t mean that he has his own special room or warehouse, just that 3% of everything on Twitter relates to Justin Bieber. Can this be true (or verified accurately) if so I tremble for the future of the world – there are 160 Million Twitter accounts…

Once brands realise the sheer hunger that a celebrity obsessed public has for the latest endorsement from their role model then Twitter may change from a relatively harmless and sweet way to connect with your idols to a series of advertising broadcasts by interns or work experience kids in the name of your celebrity.

Given the undeniable potential for monetising each tweet, and the simplicity of operation for a lazy celebrity. I wonder how long until no-one tweets for fun and the whole of twitter turns into a sinister mess of broadcasted messages, each one competing for attention with increasingly frantic wording and promises.  A list of brands presented to the relevent celebritys street-team who pop out one an hour for ten hours a day at $1000 per tweet.

Please don’t let this happen Mr Costolo



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