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I don’t tweet for less than $1000, darling

2 Oct

Over the past two days there have been two incidents which really illustrate the PHENOMENAL potential Twitter has for brands and promotion.

2 simple Tweets by sensational teen mediocrity Justin Bieber yesterday afternoon caused the topic of  ‘Maple Syrup’ to top the global trend list. And a tongue-in-cheek in-joke between two friends about a badly judged, insensitive rant by an obnoxious BBC  ‘personalitywent viral and ended up on the news. Does this scare as much as inspire you? According to various reports 3% of Twitters servers are dedicated to Justin Bieber. This clearly doesn’t mean that he has his own special room or warehouse, just that 3% of everything on Twitter relates to Justin Bieber. Can this be true (or verified accurately) if so I tremble for the future of the world – there are 160 Million Twitter accounts…

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Digital inflenuce

16 Feb

Sony Twilight in Spain

9 Oct

Nokia N97 US Blogger Challenge

20 Jul

Working with four key voices Smartfusion has launched a two week journey around the US. Its objective simple, to connect with as many people physically and digitally.
Journeying to from LA to NYC the four bloggers will stop off in San Fran and Chicago as well as many other locations along the way. Virtual and physical events are being staged along the way. Check out there journey from various feeds including

Smartfusion and BBDO

20 May

Smartfusion very pleased to have teamed up with fellow Omnicom agencies BBDO, OMG, Mobilebehavior and Google to launch the “Digital Lab”. A hot house to develop integrated thinking based on the digital lives consumers lead every day.

20 May

Smartfusion helps its clients to sell more; to change perception and increase preference.

We do this by creating campaigns that connect with consumers through live events and digital channels to achieve what we call a “digitally live” engagement. We use the power of live experiences (creating live events, experiential campaigns, guerrilla and PR stunts) and then amplify these experiences into the online space to achieve maximum reach for our clients.

We firmly believe that whether trade or consumer, if the event engagement is the end of the story (rather than the beginning), most of the investment you have made is wasted. Experiences have the single biggest impact on consumer behaviour, what we do is harness, direct and amplify them.