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The Top 5 Things We Saw in January!

26 Jan

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Full throttle, suspense induced processing.

Intel creates a multi-platform, action-movie style chase sequence to promote their 2nd Generation Core™ i5 processor.

Making the Invisible Visible.

A revealing fight for human rights.

A clever street art installation for Amnesty International, raising awareness for criminal injustice victims such as Troy Davis – on death row for 19 years despite serious doubts surrounding his conviction.

No Pants Subway.

Brief encounters of the literal kind.

Improv Everywhere are at it again, this time recruiting thousands of people across the globe for the 10th Annual No Pants Subway Ride.

Bus Stop Derby.

Waiting for the bus has never been so fun.

Yahoo encourages some commuter rivalry by installing touch-screen games in to 20 bus shelters around San Fran. Dwell time genius.

Mover and Shaker.

A motion controlled window display.

Clothing brand MeSC empowers window shoppers with the gift of dynamic,  rich-motion life to the traditionally static window mannequin, with their innovative window display.


The Top 5 Things We Saw in December!

31 Dec

December! If you like what you see here drop us a line.

TRON Grid Grinders

…Obviously hoverboards are the next logical step.

Nice use of projection mapping to create an interactive skateboard half-pipe for the TRON: Legacy Premier in Melbourne.

The KLM Happiness Effect

Witness the ‘immediacy’ powers of social media.

KLM Airlines spreads happiness to some of its unsuspecting passengers via a live Foursquare and Twitter airport campaign.

Plane Brilliant

A mobile controlled banner ad.

An innovative banner campaign from Gol Airlines that lets you control an on-screen aeroplane using your mobile device.

Profile Hacker

Customize your new Facebook Profile.

The new Facebook App from Schweppes that allows you to add a personalised touch to the new Facebook profile design.

Eyes Wide Shut

How to make a less conventional impression.

BMW re-explores the age-old dark art of subliminal brand placement.

What the music industry is teaching us about Location Based Services

22 Nov

In a surprising move – judging their reputations as change-fearing stick in the muds – the music idustry is leading the way nicely with its uptake of Location Based Services.

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The Top 5 Things We Saw in October!

1 Nov

October! If you like what you see here drop us a line.

The Very Rugged and Relaxed Test Drive.

Remote control for grown-ups.

A Remote test drive that allows off-road rough-riding from the safety of the home.

At Your Command.

Luckily we are all responsible adults….

A great way to engage your audience. We assume they used some kind of text filter, or at least had a direct panic line set up!

Night Riders.

Something for both the Jock and the Geek in you

We didn’t know what to watch here – the airbourne riders or the stunning interactive visual art. Red Bull strike again with another on-snow spectacular.

Frosty 3D.

An early snap frost in Toronoto thanks to Sensodyne.

An immersive projection mapped takeover of Toronto’s Union Station.

Wall of Dreams.

Smile and make it happen!

Dream a little dream… The Power of Dreams meets the power of smiles.

Top 5 things we saw in September!

23 Sep

Here are some of the things we’ve been enjoying at P|SF recently.

This time we have a bear, Facebook ‘Likes’ get physical, destroyer burritos, catwalk to consumer fashion, and a nostalgic tune about your old neighbourhood. If you like what you see here visit our blog to see more of the latest work that’s happening in experiential and digital, or drop us a line.

The Tippex Bear.

A new take on an old favourite – Does a bear ____ in the woods?

With a knowing nod to Burger King’s classic Subservient Chicken campaign, Tippex creates a narrative blank to be filled by audience suggested outcomes in this humorous and engaging viral.

The Like Machine

You Like. You swipe.

Here at P|SF opinion is divided – either this is the most amazing way to track consumer behaviour and engage them both digitally and physically, or the most sinister method of data-collection to date – what do you think? The technology and opportunities are undeniably impressive.

The Wilderness Downtown

Arcade Fire and Google Earth take you back to the block

Arcade Fire and director Chris Milk have created an innovative interactive video for their new single The Wilderness Downtown (a P|SF stereo favourite). The clip employs Google’s Chrome OS, Maps and the latest HTML5 technology to take you through a stirring and personalised trip of the streets you grew up on.

The Destroyer Burrito!

Nike & Korean Burritos?? Just go with it.

What’s more natural than Nike and Korean Burritos? Probably a lot of things. But in a crowded marketplace this is a fresh take on social media integration campaigns and it has nice local relevance.

Burberry Live

Fresh from the catwalk to your iPad

English fashion house Burberry continue to break new ground in the digital sphere. Last season Burberry globally broadcast their collection live in 3D. This season customers at selected Burberry stores worldwide will be able to order the clothes directly from runway using an innovative new app.

Is the ASA going to try and tame the digital beast?

3 Sep

Interesting to see that from March 2011 the ASA will have regulatory powers (similar to those it has for traditional advertising) over brand controlled online activity. Its powers will cover brand controlled website content, banners, Twitter and Facebook pages.  As a result of these powers UK consumers will be able to complain to the ASA about content issued by brands into any of these mediums

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Foursquare Web Data… London’s most popular venue analysis

24 Aug

Another analysis tool has appeared to depict London’s most happening and hip venues… what could these bars, clubs, restaurants, shops, arts venues and parks do to capitalise on their current popularity? Throw an event to thank Four Square users, invite others to join the crowd or will users seek to discover new places and expand the Four Square reach? I guess only time, and a lot more analysis, will tell…